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Hi Again!

As a poet, book lover, and someone who enjoys to read, I have read lots of poems (that’s a slight underestimation), but there is always the few writers and poems that actually stick in my mind and inspire me to write.

I’m sure that everyone who writes has someone specifically who inspires them in style, voice, tone, composition ect, even if we don’t realise it. It’s good to look at other writers to help us expand and to try different styles of writing.

Some styles are so individual that it can be off putting, leading me to think ‘I wish I could write like that’, but everyone has a style and reading and trying new styles can help us find our own.

I have been writing poetry (consistently) for about five years and throughout that time my poetic style has changed dramatically (I can’t even look at my first poems without blushing!).

One of the first poets that really struck a chord with me (which if you know me you have guessed this person by now!) is Sylvia Plath. The dramatic edge to her poetry that stems from her use of imagery and colours completely changed my opinion on what poetry I wanted to write. My style took a dramatic turn from ‘obvious’ imagery to a much darker and mysterious place. I focused on explaining the simplistic in the most unusual and complicated way (which I loved! =] ).

Other writers have inspired me like Lewis Carroll (how he uses a storyline throughout a poem to capture the reader even though half of his words are not words!) and Alex Dimitrov (especially his poem ‘Blue Curtains’, the feeling evoked in this poem makes me want to write more and more, so I highly suggest you read it!).

Reading and critiquing other poets work (friends and people in different societies) is also something I find inspiring. Other people have differing styles and read other poets to me and it is always a good opportunity to talk to other poets face to face to see who inspires them.

Drop me a response to this post and tell me who inspires your creative writing!

I look forward to hearing who you love and reading different poets who inspire you myself!

Speak soon!

Pip x


4 thoughts on “PoetryWithPip – Poets Who Inspire

  1. Really interesting to see how your passion for other writers works has been a productive part of your creative processes (I recently started reading Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’, which is a truly brilliant book, and you can tell she’s a poet! The way she sees the world is utterly captivating).

    I started writing poetry, after being introduced to the works of Dylan Thomas, I love his dream like atmosphere, which I’ve since attempted to evoke in my own work. Or even the dark surrealist vividness of people like Jacqueline Saphra or C.D. Wright; and I agree with your point about working with other writers. I think perhaps talking with other writers and working with other writers is often the most influential for me, and really opens me up to new things and encourages me to experiment with my own work.

    Great post! Looking forward to the next one!

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  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I am pleased you enjoyed my post!

    For me, this is one of the first things I knew I wanted to discuss as its such a vital part of creative writing!

    ‘The Bell Jar’ is a wonderfully engaging book that has inspired me to write more grounded pieces. I find some of her lines and her way to look at crass things and turn them into a fact of life beautiful.

    I have a quote on my desk that reads ‘There is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends.’ (pg 41). This summarises what I believe is Plath’s charm with her writing style. She is able to create an agreeable statement which people might not have thought themselves but have defiantly felt.

    I will have a read of the poets you have mentioned and see if I can find any inspiration through their work too! Dylan Thomas is another poet I admire, and I agree with your comments on the atmosphere he creates, it is very dreamlike and yet grounded in very real things!

    Pip x


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