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Hi Again!

I’m feeling slow this week since the weekend was a bank holiday! I spent my whole weekend out in the sun (getting my lobster on!) and eating good health food and drinking the weekend away (suppose the drinking isn’t that healthy, but it was tasty and I had good company to enjoy it in!).

My wonderful weekend in the sun has gotten me thinking about where I set the scene for my poetry; which for me usually has some connection with accrual places I have been and natural rural settings.

The use of natural images like flowers and natural colours in my poetry really helps me to find a ground in my poem (solidifying images into something more realistic and imaginable) and by using places that I have visited, I feel that my poetry seems more realistic and believable, helping to set these images in stone.

Most of my resent poetry has become a study into my everyday life, turning the everyday into something more unusual and sensual (as in the five senses – get out of the gutter!), so going out of my way to try different things, new experiences and look at new places helps me get a grasp of my next idea.

Going back to places that I have visited (after thinking about how I felt about the place), to re-think about how I feel, how the place feels (atmosphere wise) and why, then turning this into a poem is one of the many ways I create poetry set in my reality.

Of course it never hurts to stretch the truth a little (maybe a rendezvous that really never happened, or adding a story to a place, – under the monkey tree – for instance ;] ) and I always think “I’m not interesting, why would someone want to read about my life”, but this is the wrong way to think! With the right amount of tinsel, anything can look like a Christmas tree (haha)!

With the right scene setting, poetry can become something more, it can enhance and make the story you are telling come alive! Using a scene in a poem (even if you never talk about it – you just use it to help you write) can give your poem something solid to build off (it can also help to give your poem more atmosphere).

Drop me a response to this post and tell me where you normally set your poetry (outdoors in natural surroundings or in built up areas or offices)?

I look forward to hearing where you set your scenes and writing about different places myself!

Speak soon!

Pip x





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