Poetry With Pip – Christmas Block


Hello Again!


Sorry that it has been so long. Work has been catching up with me!

Over the course of the last two weeks some major events have come onto my social calendar. The first is the three daylong celebration of Christmas and the latter is of course welcoming the New Year (Happy New Year!!).

During times when there is lots of tradition about it seems like it would be easy to come up with concepts for creating your own poems, however, since these two events are so deeply individual, where do you start in capturing the essence of these holidays?

I have thought about this long and hard and have even tried to write a few poems myself on these subjects but, one special decoration that I love will mean nothing to the next person.

How then, should I go about making this one object special to the reader?

My first idea is to make it something new, to describe it in such details that the poem holds the essence of the object inside it. The only down side I see to this, is that this type of poem can quickly become a list and the magic of the object will become lost in the description.

My other option would be to consider the objects feeling and to personify it. By doing this, it is possible to capture the feelings of Christmas and why it is special from a different point of view; one that most people when they think from a decorations point will understand. Yet, again, the problem with this technique is to still make the poem Christmassy as this could be done to any object easily but the place and object itself can become lost in the emotions of the object. Unless you have the object look into the mirror, how will the readers know what is speaking without giving it away in the title? The other issue here is that not many people will think from this point of view and may not find the concept of the poem interesting.

The only other idea that I came up with was to re-discover a love for these objects. To write a poem, about someone looking at a Christmas tree, or a room, or a box, and describe the joy from the objects they see. Though here again, I am stuck because, you don’t want to describe why everything is important (I like short poetry and I know if I rant about something for too long my poetry starts to unravel) you want the feelings to emit from the page without too many words being said.


Maybe I am just being picky =]

Does anyone else struggle to write about celebrations??

Which method would you go for if you were to create a piece about this subject??

I can’t wait to hear your opinions!

Speak soon,

Pip x



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