Poetry With Pip – Blue Room Feeling

Hi Again!


In my last post I spoke a lot about wanting to capture the essence of something and why I felt this was hard and confusing to capture when you have such a board yet individual concept, such as Christmas or New Year.

This got me thinking about a poem I love called Blue Curtains by Alex Dimitrov (I have mentioned this poem briefly before in my post ‘Poets Who Inspire’).

After you have read this poem, there is a feeling that seems to linger in the air. A feeling as though all of the emotions that are in the room that Dimitrov is in, is suddenly all around you (or I feel like this at least =] ).

It’s a beautiful poem and every time I read it I am left with a different impression but, the same mood. I find that the way he describes various objects in the room so simplistic and uncomplicated in the way they are handled, that I can’t help but visualise myself in the room.

The juxtaposition of the length of the lines (in the last four lines) helps to slow down the pulse of the poem, helping the reader to take in every last word.

There is such a beautiful essence that he has created and encapsulated in this poem that it makes me want to write and create something every time I read it. It is a poem that captures everything that I love about poetry and, hopefully, the feelings you are left with after.

Every time I write something or am editing a poem I always think to Dimitrov’s ‘Blue Curtains’ and how he captured such complex feeling in such a simple poem. I would like to think that one of my poems could produce the same emotional reaction and response as his poem does with me.

I know this isn’t the most amazing description with in depth analysis of this poem but I just love it.

Is there any poem that you feel such a connection with?

Is there a poem that inspires you to write or that you want to emulate in your writing?

I can’t wait to read your poems that you love!

Speak soon,

Pip x


2 thoughts on “Poetry With Pip – Blue Room Feeling

  1. Keep up the good work Pip! Really enjoyed this post.

    This analysis of ‘Blue Curtains’ is fascinating and I like how you point towards the ways in which emotion can be expressed via the ‘observation’ of a relatively simple room. How this is reflected in structure, and quite simply what Dimitrov has chosen to describe is amazing, and I’m going to have to have a look into some more of his works.

    There are two poems I always find myself returning to; ‘Love in the Asylum’ (Dylan Thomas) and ‘Bubble’ (Tim Key). There’s an odd sense of comfort within these two poems, ‘Love in the Asylum’, telling; what comes across as quite a strange even dark little tale, but with a sweet and kind heart to it; and Bubble, being beautiful in its simplicity. I often find a lot of music captivates and motivates me to write as well.


    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks! I’m very pleased that you are enjoying what I’m writing! =]

      I will have to have a read of these two poems. I believe you have suggested other Dylan Thomas poetry to me and I have enjoyed every one you have suggested!


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