Poetry With Pip – Musical Inspiration

Hello Again!


This is a slightly unfocused and extensive discussion today! I just can’t seem to stay on one point today, I hope you’ll forgive me!

Every day I follow the same routine: wake up, get dressed, drive to work and once work is done, I drive home again. During this routine I am constantly listening to music. Sometimes the words of songs get stuck in my head and I get thinking why? Why am I stuck on these words? What makes them powerful or emotional? Though, sometimes, it’s not the words, but the music itself that strikes me.

I always say that inspiration can be found anywhere, and why not with music? Some of the most memorable things from a person’s life are connected to sounds and music. I find though, that to understand why I like a song, lyric or small bar of music so much, I have to understand what I think of when I am listening to the piece. Not only what emotion I am thinking of but what memory or scene or action it conjures up.

Not every song I listen too will make me inspired and most of all it wouldn’t be a song I am listening to for the first time. I think to really connect with a song you have to feel emotionally attached to it.

Some of the bands that I have taken inspiration from when writing Poetry are some of my favourites that I have been listening to since high school. Some are songs that I haven’t listened too for years; and it’s these songs that conjure memories that make me want to write about those past experiences.

Avenged Sevenfold, Lana Del Ray, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and even the sound tracks to films have all helped me create all sorts of poems based upon memories, emotions and visions or dreams. (Clearly, my taste in music is very broad =]) .

Do you ever listen to music to help you write?

Who or what style do you prefer to listen to?

Do you find lyrics help you create or is it mainly the instrumental element?


I can’t wait to hear your opinions and suggestions of good bands or songs to listen to!

Speak soon,


Pip x




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